Tuesday, September 29, 2009

OD on Mandy.

So, hah. My name is Mandy.. it's kind of awkward to start these things off.
So OD is a name from the church that I go to. My last name is Odachowski, and there is another Mandy, so Cory started calling me OD. Then we all kind of noticed that OD related to Overdose. So, April got me interested in making this sight. And, I was looking for a name of what I wanted it to be called, so I went with OD'overdose'. Its punny. :) Overdose on the stories of OD. I hope that you all enjoy my page, and stories. :)


  1. I feel so special I made it in the first blog. This is going to be an exciting read.

  2. :) hehehe you guys both made it in there forsuree!