Sunday, January 24, 2010

:) sundays.

My simple pleasure about today, is having an amazing brother. My brother is always there for me to talk to if I need someone, and today, him knowing that I was sick and bummed about not being able to do anything all day, asked me if I wanted to hang out and watch a few movies with him in the living room. :) Me and my brother have such a great relationship and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Him asking me to hang out is my simple pleasure for the day :)

What was yours?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 21st 2010

My truly thrilling thing for today, is the fact that today is my cousins one month free of drugs! :) I tired to call him at rehab this morning but I had to leave a message, he was in a meeting, I am so proud of him.. I just wanna talk to him and tell him that but.. I can't talk to him yet. It's okay, maybe I will try calling later..
I am so happy for him, I was so nervous that I would never ever see this day (&God, once again answered my prayers)-- I always knew that he would.

I love my cousin so much :) &I am so proud of him.. I am praying everyday and everynight that he will be able to continue what is going on.! To stay sober, I know that it is going to be harder for him once he gets out of rehab.. but I think that he will be able to do it, I know that he will be able to do it. If you bring God into a situation, anything can happen?
What happened thrilling to you today?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Visit Maylin!

January 20th.
So today is Wednesday, wishful wednesday, I need to think of a wish..
Oh man that was almost too easy!
My Mom mentioned something about me being able to see my Maybugg (Maylin, my cousin) tomorrow night. THATS MY WISH. I haven't seen her like 3 weeks, because she was really sick with pneumonia, but now she is all better (God kept his promise, once again) And, I am just so excited to see her tomorrow, and I hope that it gets there, I hope I can see her.. i WISH that I can see my taterbugg tomorrow. It will be simply amazing, I know it.. that girl does nothing but make me smile.. I can't even be mad and not smile.. lol.

News, bad?

I don't know how I feel about it, the news sometimes, it's good. But, most of the time its like watching the saddest movie in the world. Seriously, sometimes it is horribly scary, and depressing. But, the worst part is (and I know this is common sense people) its all true. Well, for the most part.
So its not like you can say, "oh that will never happen to me" Because, the news usually doesn't make stuff up like that, and some of the stuff you hear on the news, is un-believable about rape, and children killing their parents, shootings at schools, people dying for what they believe in and other things.
Sometimes, the news can give you good advice, but how are you supposed to tell if it's a day where you are going to hear something valuable, or it is a day where you are going to be terrified to step outside of your own house.
I think that the news puts fear in people, sometimes a good fear, but sometimes an irrational fear. Yah know, maybe it never really used to be safer "back then" maybe it was just we weren't as technologically advanced, as we are now, and the bad stuff never really got around town. All the rapist weren't registered, on computers that never existed..and know that fear of knowing all of this has made (some) parents extremley protective, which some parents should be.. but to a certain extent. I like at home, I am 18, and I am still not allowed to walk to the park by myself, and sometimes not with other people, not really am I not allowed (well actually that's kind of it) but like my parents "don't feel comfortable with it" lol, and I am 18!!!
I have faith in my God, and the police officers (mainly because I know an amazing one that doesn't joke around on the job, and actually does the right things) that I will be safe, and even if something horrible happens, I know where I am going.. so the afterlife wont be horrible, or unkown.
Now, some of you that know me, might be saying WHAT?!?! You worry and are scared alot.. well that's true, I am really trying to work on the worrying right now.. as for the clowns, I can't explain it, and I don't think I can fix it either, the ocean.. ehh. Just ehh. The main reason I am scared of the ocean, is because of sharks, and yes I know where I am going if I get eaten alive, I would just prefer to not die that way.. so to sum it up, I am not scared of death, I am scared of the way I will die.
The news I think gives me more ideas, and more things to be scared of in a way of dying, and maybe I wouldn't know about them if I didn't watch the news :)
I also watch scary movies, unless I find out that they are based on true events, then I think hey this wont really ever happen, (even though some of the stuff could), and crime scene shows, usually aren't based on true events.. but they are just plain addicting.

So I think, I might just give up the news.
Any votes? Let me know.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Old Friends :)

So, it's funny how God has a plan for your life, everyday.
Today, I got friend requested by one of my oldest childhood BEST friends, she did live next door, and we were seriously like see everyday, tell each other EVERYTHING best friends.
It was weird because God brought her up in my mind, to apologize for some childhood things, just hurt feelings and such. &then soon after she requested me on facebook.
We used to have imaginary friends, that were bestfriends too, and it was cute.. when me and Harley (thats my friends name) were arguing, we would talk through our imaginary friends, like we refused to talk to each other, so our fights went something like this
My imaginary friend was always named Gaution, don't werid name I know, and I don't remember what hers was. But, we will call him Ryan.? lol.
Me- Gaution tell Harley I am mad at her
Harley- Ryan, tell Mandy that I don't care!

Lol, its pretty cute now that we look back at it. :)

Facebook is such a great idea, I am glad that I found Harley today. Glad that I can be in touch with her again, glad that I can remember when the worst things were scraped knees. Glad that we can share new stories&remember all the old.

I'm just glad.. lol.

Ipod Rennovation.

So, I'm getting rid of all the "bad songs" on my ipod..
Mainly, songs that talk about sex, or have cuss words in them.
I think that people should be able to look through my ipod, and tell that I am different then everyone else, people should be able to randomly play my songs, and see that I have no songs about sex or cussing, as a Christian I feel like that is something that should happen. Also, it's not good for me to listen to that trash anyways. I wont have to listen to cuss words, or sex anymore. Which I think will please God and ultimately help me out.
Now, don't get me wrong, I don't mean that I ONLY have Christian songs on my ipod, or that I will anyways, because that's not the truth. There are some secular songs that I honestly feel like don't hinder my growth as a Christians, and those are the songs that do not cuss, and do not talk about sinful things. This is not to mean that I don't like Christan music, because I do love it, and have a lot of it on my ipod, it may even be the majority. It's just there are other genres and songs that I like too.
However, some of the songs, are actually kind of hard to let go, I like the songs.. I just feel that I should give them up, God sacrificed a lot for us, including his only son, and what kind of a Christian I am if I can't even sacrifice a song for him.
I'm not saying that if you have songs like these on your ipod that they are bad for you and they make you less of a Christian than me, hey its whatever floats your boat. Whatever you classify as a Christian is what you should do, I just felt like this was something that I need to do to make myself feel better about God, and I felt like it makes him happier.

January, 19th 2010

1. MIDOL<3
2. Tessie's smile
3. Phone calls with Jeffrey
4. Having deep conversations with Natalie
5. Watching and hearing about the influence I have on other peoples lives
6. Hanging out with my family.
7. Seeing Aunt Cindy
8. Aunt Cindy's &Uncle Pauls apple cake.
9. Random fun healthy snacks with April.
10. Encouraging words from the big brotherr.

What are your top favorite things about Tuesdays..

Monday, January 18, 2010

Janary 18th 2010

So there is one incredible memory about today.
Today is mine and Jeffs 7 month :) i love him.
However that memory was short lived, do to a certain evil mailbox.

More like Mondays most horrific memory.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 16 2010

So, today there wont be much sleeping which will probably make me extra sleepy.
Lets see, this week at work I worked ALOT more than usual because I was covering for the full time tech that went to Hawaii, I was jealous of her, and tired all the time.. but I got BANK this week so it is all good. I also wanted to shoot someone a good amount of the time that I was working with them.. but oh well work is work.
SO that will all lead to a super sleepy weekend.
On top of all of that the RAVENS! play their second (after kicking some patriotic booty) playoff game tonight at 8:00 which means I will be up late with my family either being really happy or really really MAD. I don't know which way the game is going to go yet.. but hopefully I will be happy.
So tomorrow, during church I will probably be trying to fight to keep my eyes open, and struggle to not sleep.. we'll see how that goes.

Friday, January 15, 2010

January 15th 2009

The best teaching bible verse that I think I could ever find. :)
"Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him"- Psalms 127:3


So, really, I haven't written in forever.. like seriously forever.
My cousin Josh is in rehab now, which is actually amazing considering what me and him have been through (he has a heroin problem, and is now finally getting treated which is amazingg)
I have become addicted to reading, and addicted to coffee/tea.
My cousin is very sick, she has pneumonia, but I have faith. Please pray for healing.. God can do anything.
Church is amazingg, I have found myself in a deep connection with all of my small group girls, and I love each and everyone of them whole-heartedly.. which lol. I don't know if this makes me sound like a horrible person or not.. but I did not see happening, lets face it, they were a group full of middle school girls, and very annoying. But, now I love them.
Me&Jeff have been amazing, we have promised each other to stay pure.. which is hard for todays life.. we have even promised eachother, and other people, that we wont make out until we're married. Thats going to be hard, beacuse sometimes it just happens, but I know that with Gods help, me and him can do anything.
Money is still a big issue for us, Dad is going to court for it soon, Idon't know that much about it.. but he might be getting sued soon, and I don't know why..but that's what he is going to court for.. I don't understand how you could get sued about money.. for money.. but okay.. lol.
College starts back up soon yay, these classed shouldn't be all that hard.
I wrote a devotional for church.. once Jason like prints it out.. I guess I could put it on here.

I am going to go.
have a great day.

p.s. cinnamon does not dissolve in tea.. its kinda nasty.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tessie Bess

January 12th 2010 (012)
I watched Tessie(youth pastors daughter), and I think that this is the cutest picture everr.
She also said my name for the first time today..
but it was more like "Andy" which is fine to.. lol and she gave me a bunch of kisses.. it was a good day :) she is sweet(when she wants to be)!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hannah Banana

January 11th 2010 (011)
My lovely Hannah Banana! She is so pretty I love her.
:) part of the family tradition is Monday nights with the Eslicks. :) Everytime is a blastty blast.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

my dream!!

January 10 2010 (010)
oh my gosh this was seriously the best game of my life..
who woulda thunk it ;)
Not Mr. Dave (My boyfriends father, that loves the Patriots.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Summer FUN!

January 9th 2010 (009)

My last day with Summerly before she went back to school, and it was a blasty blast like always.
All of the normal spoons were dirty.. so to eat our laughing cow cheese with edemame and peanuts.. we had to get creative!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Movie Date

January 8th 2010 (008)
Movies with Jeff (my boyfriend) &Robby(my brother) and Kaity(Robbys girlfriend).
But, Robby &kaity didn't wanna be in a picture.. lol typical them.
p.s. avatar = amazingg.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


January 7th 2010 (010)
My Mother is amazing, Yes I used to think that she was just the "Mom" like other teenage girls do, but.. now she is more than just my Mom, she is one of my hero's and now, she is like one of my bestfriends, she is always there, and never leaves, always by my side 100%, now thats a bestfriend for yah.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

ME time.

January 6th 2010 (006)
One of my friends told me that I should invest in more me time, and that I was doing too much for other people, and not doing enough for myself.. so I tried it, and the next day I felt so much better.
This is a picture of my me time. At my Grandparents while they were out at the bar. (lol I know my grandparents drink, and get drunk.. isn't that crazy?) It was fantastic, never forget yourself in trying to please other people! You are the one that needs the most time!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Promise Bracelets.

January 4th 2010(004)
My cousin has been struggling with drugs, he had gotten out of the hospital after being seen trying to kill himself. The bracelet with the red, I made him, and it was our little thing that he promised me that while he had it on he would always try his hardest to get better, and everytime he looked at it, I told him that it stands for my promise to him, that I am there.
He came to my aunts 3 year sober reunion, where she spoke&I got to give it to him before rehab, i love him.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Video Games

January 3rd 2010 (003)
I played video games with Mommy&Daddy, they were both kind of bad.. lol. Like, they both came in last all the time. Mario Kart was the game :) I love the Mario Games they are my favorite.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jeffs Ladies

January 2nd 2010 (002)
Jeff with his ladies :)
Me, Jeff (my boyfriend) & Pookie(his doggie), on our way to mammoms(Jeffs Grandmother) birthday party.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Tradition Time

January 1st 2010 ) (001)
Part of our tradition.
A movie on new years day.. this time with a twist.. the kids came too.
So here it is..
Me aunt tracey, deppsie, emmy, and gabe all out to see the squeakwle. :) Which was amazingg.


I am making a new 365 I kind of started slacking, it was difficult before because I didn't have a camera so I had to try and remember all the dates all by myself, and that was hard.. but this year for christmas I got an amazing camera(that I thought there was no way in heck I was getting one), and so I am going to try again. It will be easier this time though. :) &my new years resolution is to actually keep this thing going, so we will see how good I do :) enjoyy!