Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 16 2010

So, today there wont be much sleeping which will probably make me extra sleepy.
Lets see, this week at work I worked ALOT more than usual because I was covering for the full time tech that went to Hawaii, I was jealous of her, and tired all the time.. but I got BANK this week so it is all good. I also wanted to shoot someone a good amount of the time that I was working with them.. but oh well work is work.
SO that will all lead to a super sleepy weekend.
On top of all of that the RAVENS! play their second (after kicking some patriotic booty) playoff game tonight at 8:00 which means I will be up late with my family either being really happy or really really MAD. I don't know which way the game is going to go yet.. but hopefully I will be happy.
So tomorrow, during church I will probably be trying to fight to keep my eyes open, and struggle to not sleep.. we'll see how that goes.

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