Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 21st 2010

My truly thrilling thing for today, is the fact that today is my cousins one month free of drugs! :) I tired to call him at rehab this morning but I had to leave a message, he was in a meeting, I am so proud of him.. I just wanna talk to him and tell him that but.. I can't talk to him yet. It's okay, maybe I will try calling later..
I am so happy for him, I was so nervous that I would never ever see this day (&God, once again answered my prayers)-- I always knew that he would.

I love my cousin so much :) &I am so proud of him.. I am praying everyday and everynight that he will be able to continue what is going on.! To stay sober, I know that it is going to be harder for him once he gets out of rehab.. but I think that he will be able to do it, I know that he will be able to do it. If you bring God into a situation, anything can happen?
What happened thrilling to you today?


  1. My thrilling Thursday includes a BRAND new phone :)

  2. AWESOME I am soooo jealous.. lol.