Friday, January 15, 2010


So, really, I haven't written in forever.. like seriously forever.
My cousin Josh is in rehab now, which is actually amazing considering what me and him have been through (he has a heroin problem, and is now finally getting treated which is amazingg)
I have become addicted to reading, and addicted to coffee/tea.
My cousin is very sick, she has pneumonia, but I have faith. Please pray for healing.. God can do anything.
Church is amazingg, I have found myself in a deep connection with all of my small group girls, and I love each and everyone of them whole-heartedly.. which lol. I don't know if this makes me sound like a horrible person or not.. but I did not see happening, lets face it, they were a group full of middle school girls, and very annoying. But, now I love them.
Me&Jeff have been amazing, we have promised each other to stay pure.. which is hard for todays life.. we have even promised eachother, and other people, that we wont make out until we're married. Thats going to be hard, beacuse sometimes it just happens, but I know that with Gods help, me and him can do anything.
Money is still a big issue for us, Dad is going to court for it soon, Idon't know that much about it.. but he might be getting sued soon, and I don't know why..but that's what he is going to court for.. I don't understand how you could get sued about money.. for money.. but okay.. lol.
College starts back up soon yay, these classed shouldn't be all that hard.
I wrote a devotional for church.. once Jason like prints it out.. I guess I could put it on here.

I am going to go.
have a great day.

p.s. cinnamon does not dissolve in tea.. its kinda nasty.