Wednesday, January 20, 2010

News, bad?

I don't know how I feel about it, the news sometimes, it's good. But, most of the time its like watching the saddest movie in the world. Seriously, sometimes it is horribly scary, and depressing. But, the worst part is (and I know this is common sense people) its all true. Well, for the most part.
So its not like you can say, "oh that will never happen to me" Because, the news usually doesn't make stuff up like that, and some of the stuff you hear on the news, is un-believable about rape, and children killing their parents, shootings at schools, people dying for what they believe in and other things.
Sometimes, the news can give you good advice, but how are you supposed to tell if it's a day where you are going to hear something valuable, or it is a day where you are going to be terrified to step outside of your own house.
I think that the news puts fear in people, sometimes a good fear, but sometimes an irrational fear. Yah know, maybe it never really used to be safer "back then" maybe it was just we weren't as technologically advanced, as we are now, and the bad stuff never really got around town. All the rapist weren't registered, on computers that never existed..and know that fear of knowing all of this has made (some) parents extremley protective, which some parents should be.. but to a certain extent. I like at home, I am 18, and I am still not allowed to walk to the park by myself, and sometimes not with other people, not really am I not allowed (well actually that's kind of it) but like my parents "don't feel comfortable with it" lol, and I am 18!!!
I have faith in my God, and the police officers (mainly because I know an amazing one that doesn't joke around on the job, and actually does the right things) that I will be safe, and even if something horrible happens, I know where I am going.. so the afterlife wont be horrible, or unkown.
Now, some of you that know me, might be saying WHAT?!?! You worry and are scared alot.. well that's true, I am really trying to work on the worrying right now.. as for the clowns, I can't explain it, and I don't think I can fix it either, the ocean.. ehh. Just ehh. The main reason I am scared of the ocean, is because of sharks, and yes I know where I am going if I get eaten alive, I would just prefer to not die that way.. so to sum it up, I am not scared of death, I am scared of the way I will die.
The news I think gives me more ideas, and more things to be scared of in a way of dying, and maybe I wouldn't know about them if I didn't watch the news :)
I also watch scary movies, unless I find out that they are based on true events, then I think hey this wont really ever happen, (even though some of the stuff could), and crime scene shows, usually aren't based on true events.. but they are just plain addicting.

So I think, I might just give up the news.
Any votes? Let me know.

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  1. I don't brings me down. So I say forget the news...You will hear about what you need to know...the rest...just ehhh