Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Old Friends :)

So, it's funny how God has a plan for your life, everyday.
Today, I got friend requested by one of my oldest childhood BEST friends, she did live next door, and we were seriously like see everyday, tell each other EVERYTHING best friends.
It was weird because God brought her up in my mind, to apologize for some childhood things, just hurt feelings and such. &then soon after she requested me on facebook.
We used to have imaginary friends, that were bestfriends too, and it was cute.. when me and Harley (thats my friends name) were arguing, we would talk through our imaginary friends, like we refused to talk to each other, so our fights went something like this
My imaginary friend was always named Gaution, don't ask..lol werid name I know, and I don't remember what hers was. But, we will call him Ryan.? lol.
Me- Gaution tell Harley I am mad at her
Harley- Ryan, tell Mandy that I don't care!

Lol, its pretty cute now that we look back at it. :)

Facebook is such a great idea, I am glad that I found Harley today. Glad that I can be in touch with her again, glad that I can remember when the worst things were scraped knees. Glad that we can share new stories&remember all the old.

I'm just glad.. lol.

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