Monday, October 11, 2010

you're on my heart.

I wrote something today at work for Walter
My heart cries out,
For you once more.
It screams and shouts,
As raindrops hit the floor.

You’re gone,
Just ripped from life so fast.
I wish you were here.
The memories will have to last.

My heart so touched,
By your sweet love.
I smile then,
I feel your warmth from above.

The times you comforted,
And smiled my way.
It always worked,
You brightened my days.

And so I leave you with this at last.
Your memories in my heart,
Will last and last.
And so the smile on my face,
It’s because of you, that it forever stays.

In loving memory of:
Walter Brian Brooks
You have made a lasting impression on my life.
I hope on to the times, the special memories. They brighten my days.
I am so thankful that I knew someone as bright as you(:
If anyone was my hero, it was you. Always inspiring me to be me, no matter what other people had to say about it.
And for that I thank you.
Youre beautiful every little piece love


  1. AWhhhh thankyahhh:) I think I am going to frame it to hang in my room:)