Monday, July 19, 2010

2nd day in Virginia,

Was a good day.. but I am already starting to miss home. Yesterday (the second day) we went to go and see Eclipse. It was really good, I paid more attention this time.. heh. We got Panera again, but this time we had to work a whole heck of a lot harder. You see Stephanie and I were home alone (everyone else was out at the party)so we had to fend for ourselves.. and find a Panera in a place that we didn't know.. all we knew is that our house was off the road of menchville, or is it menninville. Ahhh I dunno. But lets just say. All I had for the whole day was blueberries, and it was now 5:30.. we were about to just eat each other.. and then come to find out.. after Steph remembered that she has GPS on her phone (yes I know I was about to killllll her)... we had passed the panera 5,000 times. So, it totally felt like it took us longer to find Panera then it took to get to Virginia. That's an exaggeration though.. how long did it really take.. like an hour and half. That is a lot of time though in hungry time. Anyways WAIT I skipped a whole part of my day. So after Eclipse then.. we went to the craft store. And I found some silly bands that I just adore. And then we went to Walmart. Where a lady though we were so dumb when we asked her where the wallets were.. she helped us count. We got Aunt Tracey out of the walmart without being arrested. I think that's a big feat on our part. Heh. So then we came home.. and the Panera thing happened. Can I just say that, the Panera I ate yesteday was the best Panera that I have ever consumed in my whole entire life. It was soooooo good:). Then I feel like I did nothing else all day but trade silly bands with Emily (I got a ladybug by the way.. and not just any ladybug and ORANGE one-- I told her that this trade is final, and we are not trading back... but in reality.. we all know I am too soft for that.. so we will see if I keep it or not.. don't worry I will keep you posted) I didn't trade any with Gabe.. I don't think that he would like any that I have. I am really starting to have a lot of silly bands.. who knows that I will do with all of them. I think that I will just alternate wearing them.. why do these kinds of things appeal to me.? Lol. Then Stephanie and I sat outside, and had a thousand talks about life.. had some tears about life. And watched the heat lighting. Have I ever mentioned how much I stinking loveeee heat lightning? It is sooooo pretty. It reminds me of that song. "You light light light up the sky you light up the sky to show me you are with me, and I I I can't deny, no I can' deny that you are right here with me, you open my eyes so I can see you clearly now you light light light up the sky you light up the sky to show me, that you are with me" That is one of my favorite songs right now.
I know there is A LOT more to say.. but I just can't find my words right now.. :\.

We're going to the movies again today.. I think we will see Despicable Me. Or whatever that is called. And then going to Chickerflicker. Mmmmmmm. One day while I am here I will eat Healthy.. NOT! hah. Sike I am trying still. I am trying to get the healthy yummy things at the non-healthy places. So.. yeah. Plus you know there isn't a lot of time for me to eat on the vacation.. so yeah.

I know that the boredom is about to set in, and I don't want that. Quite frankly because all I will be able to do is think. Which, I know that's what I need to do. Hah, but thinking is pretty hard these days. I think I Am going to get in the shower.. so that I don't have to rush whenever we do decide what we are doing.. Wonder what I am going to wear today ehhhh?

Who knows.:) Later all, have a great day.. as I am sure that I will.
&I pray that God gives you strength for whatever it is that you are going through. :)

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