Saturday, July 17, 2010


Things are good. I am glad that I am here. Right now I am watching Hope Floats. We are about to get Panera, and I am excited because it is going to be soo good.:) I need some good food. I did kartwheels when we got here, literally. I was sooo tired of being in that car!!
Even though we had such a great time riding here, Steph and I (my cousin) hah it was just sooo chill, and so much fun.
I don't really have much to write about. I was happy to see my cousins looks, they were so happy!! Which made me happy. To see them happy because I was here.:)

Its so much fun. Being here.. being able to be away for some time.. clear my head. Its fun to have fun. To be a girl. And to be me.

I am sure that I will write more tomorrow, if not more tonight.

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