Tuesday, July 20, 2010

3rd day&the beginning of the fourth.

Holy cow.. it is up to the third day.. that's weird I don't feel like I have been here that long.

Well what we did was. Hung out around the house for a while.& Then we went to go and see Despicable Me. IT WAS SOOOO GOOOD. You need to go and see it hah. It made me cryyyyy!! Like I felt so dumb.. but it was such a CUTE part.

Then we went out to chickerflicker&came back home. And steph and I played house and my little pony with Emily :) hahah. (I just have to interject here, hahahh suite life of zack&cody on deck, is hillarioussss) ANNND then we just chilled. Which was amazing. I don't even remember what all the chill entailed. But then my cousin left. :( So now.. tomorrow it would be just me and the children. And I (at this time) am very overwhelmed.. becauseeee well these kids can get very crazy. But, I mean kids are my thing so I should be able to handle it rightt.

day four♥
Okay so I wake up, and no lie as soon as I wake up friends from the neighborhood call &want to come over and hang out with the kids (Aunt Tracey and Uncle Chris already said this was okay) sooo I jumped on it. And now all of the children are playing BY THEMSELVES without the aid of me. So I am chillen like you know.. like it was vacation or something.. hahah.:) LOOOVEEE IT! I'm going to get some serious journaling in today!!!

Then when they leave I plan on kicking at the pool next door. Soaking up some sun, and the kids playing in the pool.&then who knows what will happen later. Hopefully I don't get super burnt ;) Hopefully I just get really really tan&then I come home super tan. That would be nice.

Longstory short. Virigina has been GREAT! and I am having a blast chillen and hanging out.. and this is making me feel like an adult because.. well I don't really know why.

On a side note the girls are playing barbies. And one is crying help me. Hah I have to remind myself to just take the time and check on them, and not freak out. Because it is probably only the Babrbies that need help, not the children hah.

I hope you all have a GREAT day!! :)

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