Saturday, July 17, 2010


These two weeks. Will be great. I will be living my life, and I will be changing. And I will be becoming me all over again. I love the person that I am. I love the person that I have became. But I still need to change some things. I need the to be the person that God wants me to be. And this whole thing has really hurt. But it is okay. And I am going to get over it:) I am excited. To look at who I am down the road. I am excited to find me again, no string attached. Drop everything and see what the Lord does to me. See who I am because of this.

People are freaking out. I'm almost kind of thinking that they took this harder than Jeff and I did. Which is kind of funny, under the circumstances. But I wanna say that I am okay. I promise. Everything is fine. I am not a complete wreck. I am not dying inside. This is just the beginning of me living. He is good to. It was mutual and I can guarantee you. That we will work this out. And we will find what it is all supposed to mean. And maybe we will be something great.

I don't know what Gods plans are for me. But I know that those plans are better than the way that I am trying to live my life. And what I have been doing. So I am taking those steps to be a better person. I am going to listen to what God has to say and where he has to lead me. And that place is where I end up. I am giving my life to God. Stepping out in faith to a place where I havn't been in three years. I am going to fall deeply and madly in love with God. It's going to be hard.. and it is going to hurt. But I know with all my heart, he's got the whole world in his hands. Sorry I went into song mode:) I know that God will lead me and I know that Jeffrey and I will be better people from this. We will be. And it will be amazing.

Know that God is comforting me, know that I am fine. Know that I am being strong through this. :) And it will all be okay.

So that I don't know if that was more for you all or for me. What I do know. Is it is fine:) And well, thats just that.

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  1. Well, I am super proud of you two. I have been there, and yes, it's a tough decision to make...but one that you won't regret.
    And friends, they freak out cause they don't know the circumstances. Breakups usually equal drama. It's rare to have a mutual break up with two people looking to see the benefit from growing people will need time. Time to SEE you are fine and time to SEE the benefit too. And they will. And if they don't they aren't friends at all.