Friday, October 9, 2009

Od on excitement !!

So.. pretty much today was the best day of my life.. I will get there eventually.. just hold tight until I do :).

Okay.. so I know I mentioned before about my Dad not having a job, and that he got laid off.

So, yesterday me, my Dad and my Mom were all sitting in the kitchen because I needed to go to the bank and pay of a payment for my bank loan, and deposit two checks, and my Mom was taking me, so my Dad was telling us what to do so that we didn't mess anything up.
So we are all sitting around the table, and someone calls the house phone, but Dad doesn't recognize the number, and we have been getting a lot of telemarketer calls lately so we just let it get to the voice mail. This woman starts talking, and my Dad rushes over to pick up the phone and to talk to the lady. Somehow the call got disconnected, so my Dad called the woman back &I'll tell you exactly what we heard.
--p.s. these are all dad talking because we couldn't hear the woman on the other line.. lol.
"Sorry, yeah I didn't know if it was my fault or yours."
"So, I don't have to worry about un-employment?"
and me and mom looked at each other.. kind of puzzled.
Then he was like "Thats great, I will definitely have a much better weekend."
Then the phone hung up..
Dad looked at both of us, and told us that he got his job back. :)! It was so awesome.. it was awesome awesome awesome.. so he Mom ran over and hugged him.. &yeah.
Thank you God. :)
He is faithful, and God always comes through.


  1. Oh girl, thats all we could do too.. except for cry with the smiles.. lol.