Wednesday, October 14, 2009

OD on surprises.

So.. did I get a heck of a surprise tonighttttt! My friend Summerly, who is going to college at Lee university which is all the way in Tennessee came home to visit us last night at church while we were doing small groups. And none of us knew about it.. needless to say it was a surprise that literally made my night. Although Summerly wasn't here.. during the time she wasn't here me and her got really close, and became really good friends. It was amazing to see her again.. I almost started crying.. hah. I just literally did not know what do with myself.. I was missing her so muchhh and there she was, right there for me to see, and for me to hug.. it was almost. The bad part is that it almost feel like she never left&come Sunday when she has to go home.. it is going to be terrible. &I will miss her so much.. but I will still be able to talk to her TOKBOXX!! whattt whattt. :) Anyways, I know that she is a blogger, and I just wanted to post this to let her know how much it meant to all of us, I am sure that she wanted to surprise us, and come home to all of us. It has made my week ten times better. :)
Thanks Summerly, I love you.

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