Tuesday, October 6, 2009

OD on relief.

Tonight wont be long, I am so tired.
So I had two essays due this week, one for intro to teaching on Monday, and one for World History on Tuesday.. aka today and tomorrow.
So I was super stressed because I didn't bring my books this weekend to the fall retreat, I knew that I was supposed to go on the retreat for a reason, and homework was obviously not the reason that God wanted me there.. so I left it at home.

Good idea, but this meant that I would have to come home and rush to get them all done so that they could be finished in time for class.

I contacted both professors, intro through teachings, explaining to her, that I couldn't get one of my interviews.. so she gave me until Wednesday!! awesome.
I thought that there was no way of getting out of my History essay, but I called my teacher, and told him how I was away this weekend, and we couldn't bring our laptops (when really we could.. but it totally could have gotten stolen.. so I wasn't about to even think of bringing it) So he told me that he had no problem with me turning it in on Wednesday.
Thank you college :)


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