Wednesday, October 7, 2009

OD on fire safety.

It was weird.. there were like three occasions today where I was exposed to fire related things.
The first time was when Daddy was driving me to school, and on the side of the road we saw a car, it was lit on fire.. now I am not just talking a little bit of fire.. but ALOT of fire, and then the firefighters finally came and hosed the car down, and so much steam was coming off of it, it smelt SO bad.
Then when I went over my boyfriends house (&you will see this picture in my 365) I found out that his step dad is becoming a fire fighter.. so I put on the outfit&mannn was it hot in there! I started getting claustrophobic, but it's really cool that he is becoming a fire man.
Then was the real big thing.. me &Jeff (he is my boyfriend) went up to the park to take his "i'm a verbie picture" verbies are what we call the people that are in our youth group for church called verb, and April started "I'm a verbie picture.. I will post mine so you all know what I am talking about.-- anywayys we walk up to the park to take his picture &we have Pookie with us.. which is his doggy. &We look over at the trashcan&see that it was on fire. Really bad, it burned the bottom of the metal trashcan and was coming out of the bottom of the trash can&lighting the mulch on fire. It was pretty intense. So we call their house phone, and Mrs. Karen (Jeffs Mom) brings up a fire extinguisher and Jeff puts the fire out. Then, there was this little boy Stevie there that told us, that he had a picture of the people that were doing it. So we look at the picture and see that it is a these group of girls, and some guys that always make fun of Eden (Jeffs sister). So I am all mad because I didn't like them at all before, and Mrs. Karen goes over to the group of girls (that are still sitting on the hill of the park) and asks them all if they know about the fire.. and they are like "no I don't know what is going on".. and Mrs. Karen sees one of Eden's friends over there. It's safe to say that Eden isn't hanging out with her anymore. So that's kind of where to story ends at for today.. Mrs. Karen wants to talk to the peoples parents that were there. It was just really interesting.

So at the end of the day, I learned alot about fire safety ;) and saved the PARK!


  1. You are a SUPER park saver you!!! :) careful. I don't want you to get burned-ed. :)

  2. Are you kidding me I am only the best.
    &I wont get burned-ed because I know all about fire safetyyy! Duhhh.