Saturday, October 10, 2009

OD on fun days

So today, I was exhausted, but regardless of that I had a fun day!
My claustrophobia has been really acting up today. So, and this might not make sense to you.. but I cleaned my room&with less clutter in my room I can actually be in my room and not be freaking out.. because I don't feel closed in so bad. &Now that I think about it.. that's probably not a good thing at all, my OCD is playing into my claustrophobia.
Anyways.. after I cleaned my room Jeff came over, and we watched what was already on, which was the perfect dress, actually I don't know if it was called that or not.. but it is that show on MTV where the brides try to find their perfect dress. &I was like picturing how I wanted my dress to look, and we were judging dresses. It was lots of fun.
Then we went to the house in the country, I love the house in the country it is so beautiful. :) And if you look across the street right out front of the house, there is like this big block of land, that no one can build on, and it is awesome. My favorite season is the Fall, and when you go up there in the fall time you can look across the street and you can see all the different color trees. It is my favorite thing to do.
After me and Jeff picked up sticks we went on a walk, I love going on walks with him.. all we do is walk with our hands holding, and tell each other stories.. and talk about funny things.. and pick on each other it is just a really good time.!
The reason why my title is fun day, is just because there was a lot of funny things that happened today, with me and my mom and Jeff. We had a blast kind of all hanging out together.. so many jokes, and all :) I loved my day today.. I can't wait to sleep though.. so I am going to get off of here.