Tuesday, April 20, 2010

1. Gods surprising encouragment
2. When your glasses are ready before you think they will be!
3. Peanut butter&jelly on a wheat tortialla shell:)
4. Finding out that a paper is due later than you thought.
5. Having a boyfriend that can drive me places so i CAN get my glasses:)
6. The book "Prayers That Avail Much to Teens."
7. Updating my praise section on my ipod
8. Having time alone with God
9. That favorite scent that you found under your bed:)
10. Hearing something you need to hear:)


  1. on a wheat tortilla shell...girl that's almost as weird as our cardboard cracker sandwiches we made that night!!! haha

  2. lol hah true true, but I'm telling you it was sooo yummy, and better for you then regular bread:)