Thursday, April 29, 2010


Today is better, I have gotten some peace.
:)And just trying to not think about it!
On a side note I didn't go to school today, I have had un-bearable cramps, and have literally been in my bed all day on the verge of crying if I move.
However, that is also getting better:)

Tonight is the last Murder Mystery practice before the big play, and boy am I nervous!!! But excited all the same.

I havn't eaten much today due to my fear of walking causing those unbearable cramps again. But, I shall get up soon and get some food in my tummy, after all that may make my stomach feel better.

I am anxiously awaiting something.. something that I don't know when it is coming, or what it is. I am nervous.. and anxious trying to think of what it is.

&That is pretty much what has been on my mind today.

Oh and I am debating on whether or not to order this dress offline:) I have been dying to find a nice white summer dress, but I have a fear of not trying things on first.

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  1. I think...GO FOR IT...and get it in "Tropical Sunset" too! :P