Monday, May 3, 2010

oh my lordyyy.

So much has happened, but there is not much at all that I want to say.
The thing that I thought wouldn't happen, happened.
However, it's odd how calm I am about it. Well I wouldn't say calm.. but I'm not scared, I am not scared what will come from it. I am not, which is different for me, and I think that a lot of it has to do with getting closer and closer to God.
Also, how ironic is it that in Verb we are talking about fear, because I know that the old me would be scared out of my mind right now for this person. But I know that it is all in Gods hands and that God will take care of it.
So I look at the situation, and I say so be it.
It's hard, its not easy. But I know that if I let Gods plan take control, then it will ultimately be for the best. Although it will be hard and heartbreaking at times, I know that God will pull through.
So, I am not scared.. but what am I? Hurt, Angry.. beyond angry. Livid, livid that I have to go through this all again, livid that drugs have to hurt my family again. Livid that my Grandmother must go through this again.. so mainly just hurt that I was lied to, and angry that she is doing it again.

Quote for the week: people will let me down, this has been proven to me time and time again, but I have a God that will not, and I hold tight to his truth without wavering.♥


  1. Oh No. I think I know...I am so sorry. It's tough...stay strong and keep praying...God has a reason for all things!

  2. I know he does, and I think you've got it.. lol.
    Maybe this is Gods way of showing her that the only way that it will stop. Is if she believs in him. So be it.