Saturday, May 8, 2010

:) ello loves.

So there hasn't been much reason lately to blog. I've just been going through life.. finishing up my first year of college, how insane :p. I will have successfully completed one year of college on the 20th:) yayy me.

I have been making lots of things lately, I made a white board, and I made my mother a picture frame, and a letter for mothers day, I will post pictures after you know.. she opens it and all.

I also made the scrapbook page for mine and Jeffs one year, can't believe that it is coming up in june.. thats insane to me!!
This year will be 11 months, it doesn't seem like it has been that long.. but then again it does.. who knows its weird. All I know is that I am thankful.

I am addicted to sundresses, like literally there should be a convention for this. I cannot stop ooing, and ahhhing, and one. And it is really hard.. because sometimes it puts a hurtin' on the bank account. It stinks though.. because I will find such great deals, and then I feel like I need to buy them. lol. Like a couple of days ago, I was in wet seal.. and I never knew this.. but they have sales that are like buy one and get one for a penny now how do you turn that down?

But, I am going to go stumble, and maybe I will find something to blog about;)

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  1. Stumblin' is SO much fun! And I can't wait to see the white board you made!