Tuesday, May 4, 2010

LOVE this game.

So, this is a game I read about in a book one time.. I don't really remember the book, although I think it was Winn Dixie.. but I can't be certain so don't hold me to it.
Right, the game.

I love playing the game.. where you listen to someones voice, and then you think in your head what they would look like according to the voice that you hear.. you don't look at the person at all, beacuse that would be cheating. So then when you are done picturing the person (Think about what they are wearing, how their hair is, is it long short, and what color.. does this person have freckles- I mean you just think of everything), yah look at them. And see if you were right.

I know its kind of dumb.. but I LOVE it and I think that it is soooo much fun:)

Maybe its beacuse I study people all the time that I thihnk that it is so much fun but eitehr way I think that you should try it one day.:)

&don't worry after you play for a while you start getting better..lol.

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