Tuesday, May 25, 2010

craft crazy

Needless to say, within the few short days I have not had to worry about studying for finals (thanks to being out of school for the summer:D) I have been reading blogs, blogs and more blogs.
my favorite kind of blogs, are the ones that teach you how to make things, like the do it yourself blogs, oh how I love them so!!! The best part is when you go to really crafty blogs, and they feature other crafty blogs. So then, you have a gillion blogs, that you can link to, and then you can look at that sites favorite blogs, and the majority of the time they will have some extra creative blogs on that list. So, you subscribe to all of them, and before you know it... you have a million blogs that you are following that have delicious crafts that you could just sink your teeth into.

While doing this, I found a MILLION great things to keep my occupied this summer. One of which, I just entered a contest to to a site that makes, scrapbook looking necklaces, with pictures. You may remember me talking about them in one of my posts, anywho. I figured out how to make them myself:). And, it is ALOT cheaper then having ot purchase them already made, so I am thrilled about this find!! &I cannot wait to make some, which I think I will be making a gift here soon for Jeffrey, a keychain with it on there, so I am SOO excited about that.

Needless to say, my subscription list, has nearly trippled. With all kinds of amazing craft sites, sites that commonoly offer give aways. Oh man, the blog world is never ending. Always something else to find. Thank you so much April for getting me involved.:) I'm getting kind of addicted though, therefore any addiction, I blame on you ;)