Friday, May 21, 2010

Lord above.

I just can't believe that I am going to be a college sophomore.
Honestly.. where did the time go?
How did I manage to pay for school, with only three hours of work (so glad that has changed!) College, wow college.
A place that I was doubting I would ever get to..
Just wowww. I am really proud of myself.. I have managed to get good grades.. Just so proud of myself.

I have learned so much about my life, about my world as an adult.
1.Things aren't always easy (well duh).
2.When things arem't always easy, you and I have a great God to hold tightly to, and he is never failing.
3.Some relationships come, and some go.. and you have to make that decision yourself, not by what people tell you.
4.You make your bed you lie in it, no one is cleaning up your messes now.
5.However bad things are for you, there is one person out there who has it worse.
6.You can change your whole day by waking up and sayins "Today I will be Happy"
7.If you set your mind to it you can do anything.
8.Its better, and more rewarding to work on today, then it would be to work on yesterday, beacuse that has passed.
9.People of this world will let you down, but God will never.
10.Make your own self. It is better to beautiful in originality then to be a beautiful duplicate.

There is tons more that I have learned.. but I have to make some phone calls:) So, I will indeed blog later..
Church bulletins to fold today.. ohhhh joy. Hah.

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