Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So, as I get more and more addicting to blogging, I keep noticing more and more of one of the perks that blogging, and reading blogs offer:)

Here is a greattt free giveaway from confessions of a paper freak, it's really a great site.. and if you don't wanna enter in the contest you should at least check it out..
SO what is it??
Well they are giving away free jewlery, I will post a picture shortly, revisit this blog if you would like to see. :)
anways, I will give you the ling to her blog post, so that you can register if you would like, there are tons of chances and tons of things to do so that you can get a free piece of jewlery, and I PROMISE you are not going to want to miss it, this jewlery is BEAUTIFUL, and to me the best part is that you can get them personalized, get them to say whatever you want them to say:)

oh, and did I mention it is a chrisitian site, what's better than knowing that you are helping out with something that you believe in:)

Right, here is her blog post.. almost forgot.

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