Friday, May 21, 2010


I just thought that I would take the time to blog on half of one of my faovirte bloggers.
Alos, to suggest that if you don't already follow her, you should. Her story is truly life changing, and everytime I read one of her stories, about how thankful she is for her life, my heart and my life are touched.

No, I do not personally know this girl. But through reading her blogs, and sharing in her heartbreaks, and smiles. I do feel as though I know her. She is an excellent writer, and her stories truly do touch every piece of my heart in a different way.

Who is she? Yeah.. almost forgot that part. She goes by the name of nienie, and you can visit her blog here if you would like to.

If you are going to start following, I might as well give you a recap on all of the posts up to this one (That I am awar of any ways)

Nienie has a family of 5 I believe, including her, her husband and her three children. One day, and I am not sure why they did, but nienie and her husband were on a private plane. This plane crashed and ignited in flames. Miraculously they both had a chance to survival. Nienie was in a coma for 3 months, and thanks to many prayers woke up. Both the people have burn marks on their skin. However, Nienies is the worst. She has undergone a number of surgeries, she has a skin graff on her back, and the docotrs expand it, to expand "good, unburnned skin" that will then be moved to her neck. This is an intricate surgery, that Nie was not supposed to have until the end of june, I believe. HOwever, due to infection she is in the surgery now. This surgery could produce another a coma. Please pray for Nie and her family, in her time of need.

In my mind though, there are no worries, with a person as influential as her, God needs her to be on this earth, to spread the good news. Pray for the heartsof the family that they stay strong in this time.
:)you really should follow, she is amazing.

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  1. I do follow NieNie...after watching her on Oprah last year! :)