Tuesday, May 25, 2010

days like these

Because, it is days like this,that make me smile.
Days that make me wanna live life the fullest.
Days that make me feel so happy that I am here.
Days that make all the stress, and worries go away. And allow me to just enjoy days, those specific days, like these.

Today was a day that I spent part of with my little cousin, my light. My main reason for believing there is a God. She is my angel, and she has truly saved me from myself. And, I believe that God placed her in my life to do just that.

And days like these allow me to remember that, to remember that and to take it all in and eat it all up.

In case you were wondering, this beautiful girls name. It is Maylin, a pretty name for a pretty girl.:)

&because she has inspired days like these, there will be a full blog about her, my angel. My little one who inspires days like these.

Days when you get bugged SO MUCH to play outside, then you just run out to stop the begging, and forget to put on your shoes.

Those oh so messy first sloppy joe days, where you know you have to eat outside, beacuse it is just that stinking messy. Oh and did I forget to mention that she is two, going on three.. yes messy! But, no complaints here taterbug loves to eat outside:) smiles all the way.

Did I mention that this was a messy day? :)

Days when you can't get enough milk days, due to the intense playing outside. And days where you cannot get enough of those flowers days.

Days where after playing outside, where all you do is lay bakc and answer millions of "whats dat mandy, what's dat" questions, with the simple reply of "oh, yup" just beacuse they make you smile.

It is days like these, and only days like these that can invoke such a beautiful smile.

it is days like these, and only days like these, that make you feel complete, happy, and amazing. It is days like these that can take your mind off of tomorrow, and allows you to just worry about today, this hour, this minute, this second.It is days like these that I live for :)


  1. :) thank you ma'am. I think I am going to try blogging more and more with picture.. I love it. I found it on this other bloggers sight, and I LOVE it.