Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm a geezer

So.. yesterday, more like last night I went to my brothers orchestra concert.. which just happened to be in the good ol' North County. Which, if you did not know, I graduated there last year.
And granted it has only been a year.. but I went in and everytthing felt so small, and I felt sooo old. Knowing that I was the college there, just made it worse. Not that it was a bad thing.. it just made me feel even older.

Then of course, I started reminiscing on my highschool years. And again, it's not like it was five years ago or a gillion or anything.. but I am not there anymore.. so its a big shocker to me.

Anyways I started thinking about how highschool is always one of the best times, and worst times of your life.. mixed together, and jumbled.

It made me sad to think that I can never go back.. and do it over again. Because as hard as it seemed, with bullies, and with no freedom. Highschool was easy it waws sooo simple!!! you didn't have to pay for school, which means, unless you are a dork like I was.. you didn't have to pass, you didn't care if you passed or not.

You always got to walk in the hall with your group of friends, and you got to connect with your teachers, which doesn't really happen in college.. at least with me.. I just kind of go in and out.

Anyways-- young ones that are still in highschool (and I know you hear this from your parents all the time.. but trust me I mean this.) don't rush it, take your time. You will truly have your best days, and for the worst.. they will come and they will go. Cherish the time that you have, because this is when it's easy.. where you can worry about what color the boy you like is wearing. And yuo can pass notes in class professing you love for eachother, these are the days that you will remember forever, so make the best of them. Oh, and I guess you should make sure that you work hard for your grades too.

SPEAKING OF WORK- make sure you save for a cute car:)

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