Tuesday, May 4, 2010

tuesdayysss :)

1. MY FANN! because it helps to cool me off when it is sooo stinking hot out :p
2. String to make bracelets out of.. I love making bracelets..
3. Watching movies that you watched when you were little- it kinda brings those days back :)
4. Honey Nut Cherrios, its just sooo tasty, and you can add almost anything to it and it will still be tasty (It helps me to eat bananas)
5. Having songs that help you spell hard words.. like bananas, or independent. Hah. Well that last one really isn't a hard word.. I just sing it when I need to write it.
6. iPOD, they are just great things.. I mean really? They are.
7. THE WHITE SUNDRESS THAT I BOUGHT. I lovelovelovelovelovelove it and I cannot wait to wear it.. so close!
8. Being surrounded by people, that just listen&care.. like Jeff, Kait, and my Mommy:) thanks you guys! (p.s. that creepy guy from the last post just walked down the hall again)
9. Editing pictures, I just think that it is sooooo much fun.
10.VACATIONSS- we have been planning them, and I love being able to just hang out with my family.. yay:)

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