Friday, April 23, 2010

workout? ugh.

So, I have been like hitting a WALL with working out, and not like a soft nice cuddly pillow wall, like a GYNORMO, BIG, HUGE, brick wall. :\. I don't want to do it, and I keep telling myself that, I have better things today. But today, here is the day when I have nothing to do, and I am going to get my but up and go and do my mothers windsor pillates video that she has.

It's not just the get thin issue with my anymore, I am much calmer after I work out, i worked out all my stress that I have been going through, I have just some simple me time.
I mean, now don't get me wrong.. looking better and all is def. a plus, hah okay.. its a BIG plus, and it helps me out with something that I have very little of, self confidence. I'm pretty sure that on days that I work out I could totally bum it, and wear sweats but still look pretty, and that's just because I have worked out, so I feel better about myself.

So there are many reasons to do it, hopefully this blog will serve as an inspiration for me to get back on my feet, I surely hope so, beacuse there is alot going on right now, a lot of stress that I could benefit from loosing!
So I am going to get up right now, and exercise.. I will not stall on the computer any longer.. I am actually walking away from my computer right now. (after I check this comment) lateralll:)


  1. Hah, I probably was.. but the good news is.. I did get it done:):)... hah I knocked that brick wall right down!!