Friday, April 23, 2010


in its finest form:) Today, I exercised, just as I promised to, I did the pillates (I do not know how to spell this word, I don't know if you can tell...) work out and it was, pretty hard. My abs are, killing me.
This is completely side note, but yeah.. I am watching one tree hill, and these girls are like bidding on the basketball team guys, and this chick wins, (and I am sure after I tell you what their date is, you can tell what kind of a girl, this chick is) and takes her date to a strip club. I don't understand why you would do something like that, hey let me take you out on a date so that you can look at other girls! GREAT IDEA, nottt.
Okay so back to what I was saying, and my abs are still killing me. Then Jeff took me out to goodwill, and I found all of my murder mystery outfit, including the shoes! :) anddddd I will wear them all for anything.
So I am pumped about that..
OH, and I almost forgot to tell you all about my wonderful amazing breakfast, seriously it was like the best breakfast that I have had in a while:)

So, this is it, I know it looks really simple.. but it's not I promise, well it is but, it didn't taste simple. So I was trying to eat healthy, and I cut up a cup of strawberries, and then I put in a cup cherrios, and the cherrios were already starting to get soggy, and I HATE soft mushy ceareal, so I decided not to add the milk. &It tasted fantastic, like strawberry shortcake:) it was seriously fantastic, :) mmmmmm! I am pretty sure that I am going to hook myself up with a bowl tomorrow too!

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  1. your funny...your snack idea looks yummo! I just got some giant strawberries at the store tonight...gonna make some chocolate covered goodness! :)