Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm back.I

Ice is back with a brand new edition.:)
I have missed blogging so much:)
So I am back, and hopefully I wont grow out of the habit this time! So in getting back to blogging I was looking through all of the millions of blogs posts, and I found this amazing little thing that I just cannot wait to try!
-I have been wanting a white board FOREVER!
And I found this cute little site, that I am now addicted to! :) &that is going to help me to make a white board that I know I will just love, because I get to pick what it looks like, and knowing me, it will be orange.. or something. &I am even going to post pictures on here to show you all what it looks like and how it turned out.
So here is the idea that I found, and if you want to subscribe or find more things about this lady and her amazing site, then you can go here and look at them.

Other than that, my life has been amazing, :) nadda thing to complain about. :):):)


  1. I couldn't read the rest of your post. I was stuck on the fact that you quoted Sir Vanilla Ice.

  2. hahhahha.
    :) well I was thinking of a title I could use, and then the song totally popped in my head.. so I was like eyyy why not!

  3. Welcome back!!! I love the whiteboard idea. Very cute! She has some great ideas on her blog!