Friday, April 23, 2010

freebies from grandmom.

Who's to say that your grandmom can't have things that you want.
Well you see my grandmother is going through things in her house, and moving them around because they are getting their house painted.

And my Grandmother sells avon, so she always gets things sent to her house, there has been some mascaras that I have wanted forever and she found them, and gave them to me, because well, My Grandmom doesn't really wear mascara. lol.

But this post, just reminds me to talk about my favorite earings, they are so much my favorite that I have stopped wearing them.. because I am scared to loose them.
My Grandmother had this beautiful pair of earings, that I have wanted ever since I was a little girl (I know bed time story much, just hang in with me), and my ears kept getting infected, and we had to close them up, and yadda yadda. So whatever, the time came when I could finally get my ears pierced without them closing up. And, she gave them to me:), and I am pretty sure that I wore them ever since.. but now, I think because I wear them too much, the stone always falls off, and so I think that I am going to surprise my Grandma, and get them made into rings for her and I to both have:). You see, its not even the earings that are beautiful, its the fact that wherever I go, I get to have a piece of my wonderful, amazing, beautiful Grandmother with me. The strongest woman I know to this day, the woman that would drop everything and basically sacrifice herself for the people around her that she loves. A piece of me, that inspires me to be better, every time I look at them, and every time I remember that I am wearing them.
Now, I just have to get the money to go and do that.
So there you go, a piece of me. :) And why that piece is so important.

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