Monday, April 19, 2010

Joys; Fears; Obsessions; and Goals.

Well, I took this idea from Ashley who took it from April.. hah pretty nifty eh? So, thanks for the ideas ladies!:)
1.Knowing that I made a difference in someones life- if I can lead one life closer to the Lord, I get the deepest satisfaction.
2.Worshiping God- there's just something beautiful about being able to appreciate God.
3. Maylin Renee, she is Gods most beautiful gift to my family and I, other than life. She is my angel, and has inspired me to be so much more, without knowing it.
4. The fall, my favorite time of the year.
5. Being around children in general, watching them grow, and knowing that you had a part in that.
6. Being around my family, and my friends- all of the people in my life, make everything so worth while, how could I not want to be around them:)
Are you ready for one longgg list? Only kidding I will try my best to make it short.
1. Clowns- I don't care if they hug kids, the things are CREEPY!
2. Sharks- Can't even like look at them and not be scared, like shark week is a no way for me!
3. The Darkness- Not so much the darkness that you can see in.. but I know that if I was in pitch black, I would be scared.
4. Roller Coasters- Who would trust one of those things? Really?
5. Bridges- I'm sorry but when you are the top of something and you can feel the wind moving you, it can't be that stable.
6. Loosing people that I love, and care about- this has happened a lot within the last year, its not really loosing the person, it's the fact of Loosing an un-saved person that I care about and love.
7. Not doing all that God wants me to do, not being who he wants me to be- this is terrifying, I want to be what God has planned for me, beacuse I know that it is so great, beyond anything I could think of for myself. Missing out on something like this is just terrifying to me.
8. Masks- You can never tell who is under the mask.
1. The color orange- i just LOVE this color.
2. Elephants- I know its not common, but I think they are beautiful.
3. Dandelions- prettiest weed i've ever seen!
4. Ladybugs- one of the only bugs that I will purposely pick up and let crawl all over me:)
5. This amazing show called one tree hill, it's an old show.. but I watch it on the internet all the time:)
Welp, this first one is going to sound corny, but its honestly my biggest goal.
1. Getting into heaven, being able to see the face of the Man that created me, who knows every little thing about me, and loves me so much that I have no clue.
2. Becoming a kindergarten teacher. I could not think of anything else to do with the rest of my lfie.♥
3. Demonstrate Gods love to everyone that I come in contact with, Everyone should know of the amazing love and Grace that my God has shown to me.
4. To one day be a loving wife, and Godly mother to the man and kids God has in plan for my future:)
5. To always some way be connected in a youth ministry- these kids will change your life forever.


  1. Well done! You should really shorten that FEARS list girlie! :)

  2. I am trying.. I really am. I have a verse memorized lol.
    2 timothy (something.. but thats not the important part.. the important part is i remmeber the words :p) God did not give us a spirit of fear and timidity, but power love and self discipline.
    so its getting there PROMISE.

  3. I LOVE elephants too! But thats because its going to be little misses favorite animal (though she doesn't know that yet).